More than an app by divers for divers

We are a new tech startup working on a free app that has details on more than 20.000 dive spots, 10.000 operators, 2500 locations and 170 countries around the world.

Our goal at Divebase is to always keep on growing our data by having our users submit, enhance and review data, keeping it up to date and complete for others to use and build on and document every spot, shop, liveaboard, and dive club on our planet.

Not only will this data help our users to explore and enjoy new scuba locations around the world, it will also help conservation organizations build a better picture of our oceans and marine life.



Divebase for Android & iOS

Divebase will let you enjoy diving even more.

For the past 6 years we have been building something awesome for you, and thats just the beginning.

Preparing for a dive has never been this easy



Divebase has loads of information you need to plan your next dive trip anywhere in the world. What took you hours before, will be a piece of cake with Divebase


Interested in the weather around your favorite dive spot or holiday/travel destination, the last divers findings & sightings or want to plan a dive before the tide comes in? We have your back!


Instantly search through our huge database of dive spots, dive shops & resorts, liveaboards, dive clubs, regions and countries. Or just find out whats around you!


Community driven & divers first

Find out what others think of a spot or shop, or get the best tips from the locals. Dont forget to share your experiences!


Share your photos, give some love, ask questions, create a bucket list, but most of all enjoy!

Divebase is packed with awesome features


Depth, temperatures, rainfall, dive type, location, tides, and reviews are just some of the info we have for you!


Find great new shops, clubs and spots around you by just opening the app anywhere in the world!

> 30.000 LOCATIONS.

20.000+ dive spots, 10.000+ operators, 2.500+ regions in 170 countries around the world


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